Edwardian Child Paper Doll Set


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This lovely Edwardian Child paper doll has 6 pages of delightfully detailed clothing to print, color and cut. This is one of my very favorite time periods for clothing. I love all the lace, embroidery, soutache braid, buttons and other details that I would not want to deal with in daily life, but it is so different when it comes to dressing dolls!

Download the high resolution .pdf file and print these detailed coloring sets for your personal use! No shipping, no waiting for the mail to arrive! You can print and color as many times as you like FOR PERSONAL USE. These costumed ladies (and gents) are not JUST for little girls, but are enjoyed by anyone with an interest in fashion, history, and an enjoyment of coloring.

Beginning with ancient times and the fashions of the Egyptians, through Victorian, Edwardian, and other Heirloom era dolls and going all the way up through the 1960′s and ’70s, I drew these dolls and their wardrobes because I loved coloring paper dolls when I was younger, and I could no longer find them. So I drew them, thanks to years spent studying costume design and costume history at Ohio State University. They are historically accurate and are a treat to color.

I suggest you print the dolls on durable white card stock or bristol paper for greater strength, and ease in coloring. Clothing can be printed on good quality paper of less weight, but be careful of saturating if you use watercolors. My favorite results are with markers, and I prefer Prismacolors or Copic markers with the double nib felt tip pens, both a fine and a chisel point. They have great colors and are very transparent, along with a high degree of control and color mix-ability. Brought to you by the same company as Sharpie Markers, you can find sets of markers at most office supply and art supply sources.

My OTHER favorite way to color them involves Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, and I have a tutorial available online about how to do that:
http://www.polyclay.com/digital-art/digital-coloring-fun/ The pdf file will be available to download directly after payment and you can print and color as many times as you like FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not share or sell the file. Thank you for respecting copyrights and supporting personal art.