Box MaskAs I learn more about the potentials of blogging, I am refining and adding to the structure of this one as well as trying to find time for the actual posting! Today I am adding to the “blogroll” or list of links. I have so many wonderful sources of information and supplies and inspiration, and I want to share them. So I’ll be adding more as I go. AND I’m getting things ready for Major Undertakings–all sorts of things happen around here in the Spring, and not just planting the vegetable garden. We are only a week away from the annual Dyeing event, and I’m working on pictures and words for several new books, including the Miniature Masks collection. I’ll post more about that later this weekend.

The most recent Miniature Mask swap yielded a fabulous matchbox mask from Ellen Rumsey Bellenot. The mouth opens and closes–I love it!