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I create artwork to sell directly, and also have it printed onto clothing, accessories, and decorated items for the home. I am currently using several companies for POD (print on demand) items — Pixels, Printful, Society6, Spoonflower,  and Art To Where. Please do check back as I am adding new designs and items every week! On this page you can shop by the artwork designs or by the item category. Click images to see more!

To view and purchase decorative items like cards, mugs, pillows, and more through POD partner Pixels click here.

Clothing and Accessories


Ink On Metal Designs

I paint directly onto metal with transparent inks, using multiple layers of additive and subtractive techniques to create designs that I perceive like colorful songs. I photograph each in its entire state to use in making digital collage, fabric designs and POD (Print On Demand) wearable and decorative items that you can purchase here! Then I cut the metal up and make components for jewelry making and boxes.


Ink #1

Summer Lake

Ink #5

Labradorite Dream

Ink #9

Beekeeper Blues

Ink #13

Window Into Summer

Ink #17

Hot Spots

Ink #21

Purple Grid

Ink #2

Lavender Mornings

Ink #6

Hojo Flow

Ink #10

Indigo Trails

Ink #14

Paprika Drift

Ink #18

Bark Batik

Ink #22


Ink #3

Wave Shadows

Ink #7

Sumi Squares

Ink #11

Pomegranate Lemonaid

Ink #15

Raspberry Rain

Ink #19

Cerulean Dream

Ink #23

Spring Weave

Ink #4

Flare Up

Ink #8

Vernal Showers

Ink #12


Ink #16

Twilight Recall

Ink #20

Violet Clouds

Ink #24

Jewelry & Components


Etched Metal Earrings

Party of 5 Earring Kits


Etched Metal Pendants

Wood Charms

Polymer Clay Earrings

Wood Earrings

Ink On Metal Treasure Kits

Ink and Metal Earrings and Pendants

Wood Mehndi Hands

Patina Metal Treasure Kits

Books & Digital Downloads


Paper Dolls

digital downloads

Miniature Vanity Tutorial

digital download

Ball Joint Doll Tutorial

digital download

Doll Kits & Parts

Spirit Doll Kits

Wood Faces

Ceramic Hand

Wood Angel Kits